You Did Good, Mari (A)

Haven’t really uploaded my art as of late (for various reasons) so I’d thought I’d post a small something.

This was drawn after Marisa Kirisame was eliminated in WVGCW Genesis 2 a month ago. (The season itself ended this past Tuesday with all of my gals winning their matches! Congrats to Mari, Kizuna, Yang, and especially Nep!).

It wasn’t intended to be utterly serious and meant as a rare funpost from me. On a more serious front, this was also one of many pieces designed to get me used to my new tablet (among other things), which I had gotten earlier that month.

(I was in the process of making a companion piece is that is meant to be more of a formal piece. Would anyone be interested in that, especially since the competition ended?)

Touhou © Team Shanghai Alice
Art © Me

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