Status Update

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

It’s been a while so I thought I’d update everyone on the site construction:

  • There’s a new “section” of the site dedicated to the “times” called Kathartic Bohemia. After doing an audit on the non-reblog posts on my personal Tumblr blog, I’ve found that there is isn’t a sufficient amount of posts to warrant an entirely new blog. Therefore, I instead made a new category and transcribed the posts therein. (Granted, it’s just about the birthday shoutouts with an updated Webcomic List coming on Free Comic Book Day.)
  • All of the M3 10th Anniversary Production Red Diary entries have been transcribed to the blog. Similar to the Kathartic Bohemia posts, I’ve thought about their fate and decided to move the posts to the blog. This was actually one of the first things I’ve done since transplanting and reformatting the main posts, due to the fact the nature of “entries.”
  • All of the main portfolio posts have been made — and published. There were five posts in the drafts that have been waiting to be posted for days. However, I held off on publishing them because I couldn’t turn off the Jetpack Publicize feature for them so if I posted them as they were made, my social media followers would’ve been inundated with strange posts about past works. (On the other hand, I doubt they’d mind too much, especially since I’ve gained a quite a few new followers (especially on Twitter), thanks to those “small artist support” events.)

Once I finish getting the site in a state I’m happy with, I can get back to my “major” project (and what may very well be my first published piece of 2019):

Which will be followed by the below:

Either way, here’s to a new year with a fresh start. Things have gotten interesting around here as of late (for good and for ill).

Until next time!

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