You Did Good, Mari (B)

A girl relaxing under a tree, a pointed witch's hat on her lap and her head back in a content smile. A grassy field is shown with two trees in the background, one farther than the other (and thus blurred). A large cloud is also seen in the distance on the same (right) side of the distant tree and the foreground tree (and girl).

This was a companion piece to a doodle I made in mid-late September.

This was an exciting piece to make as I’ve been chronicling the progress all through Twitter (via this thread) and Instagram/Facebook Stories (which are compiled here and here).

This was originally going to be on Tumblr (surprise, surprise). However, as we are all painfully aware of, the platform became unfeasible in late 2018 and an emergency move was made. This really cut into my time for making this piece (especially since I was close to finishing it).

As promised, I was going to say why this piece means so much (along with one major reason why I didn’t make much art in 2018): I spent a good chunk of 2018 in an state of… malaise regarding my art and status as an artist. The first 2-5 months was spent hating my art and the very idea of making art, thanks to a severe bout of imposter syndrome. I wouldn’t go a day without wondering if I am a “true/real” artist or if I should even put my art on the face of the Internet. The technical issues that befell my laptop (nicknamed “Familiar”) didn’t help. In early September, I had gotten a new system and with it, a new tablet. (It’s a Huion, if you’re curious.)

I’ve wanted to make more fun pieces again, along with liven up the mood (especially since I tend to be pretty business-only on social media). Then, it hit me: do a more “formal” (if proper) piece, especially after playing around a bit on the new tablet. The end of WVGCW Genesis 2 provided a great opportunity with that.

If anything, it’ll help vent some of this frustration since September was an overall sucky month for me and October was somewhat better. (Still encountered a lot of disappointment and I was still weary by the end of the month, but things had gotten better in the end.) November was kinda better, helped by a smoother transition and being more involved with the community (either within the H!P fandom or on Twitter via the RT/Follow trend).

December (as we all know) was somewhat stressful (as previously mentioned, if not for the Tumblrpocalypse and the move to this site, this piece would’ve been up much earlier) and January was relatively mild (due to things calming down… somewhat).

Due to the fact this piece was meant to ease me back into drawing after who knows how long, I tried not to get too hung up on the mistakes (though this being the Internet, it’ll be dissected from Heck to back).

Either way, I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I have making it.

Touhou © Team Shanghai Alice
Art © Me

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2 thoughts on “You Did Good, Mari (B)

  1. This was worth the wait. The lighting is nice, the background is very windswept and the overall tone of the piece is quite relaxing. Marisa’s had a hard day and she deserves a break. Hope to see more from you!

    (also sorry for not replying to this sooner ^^;; )


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