Happy Birthday Wishes

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Long time no see, right? In any case, let’s get the formalities out of the way first.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

Before 7:30am

  • BRomega2900 (Discord, 12:08 AM)
  • Ace (Discord, 12:08 AM)
  • Anthony★Deadman (Discord, 12:08 AM)
  • LemGambino (Discord, 12:21 AM)
  • Moogle (Discord, 5:46 AM)
  • ZtarCurse (Discord, 7:29 AM)
  • Dad (SMS, 7:00am)
  • Thomas (SMS, 7:12am)

After 7:30am

  • Mom (SMS, 7:30am)
  • MrRabbles (Discord, 8:36 AM)
  • giygasattack (Discord, 8:55 AM)
  • Greg M. (Facebook, 9:02am)
  • Lan-Hikari (DeviantArt, 9:33am)
  • Janevah F. (Facebook, 10:48am)
  • Minimah R. (Facebook, 11:02am)
  • lsanchez09 (Instagram (Like), 11:15am)
  • djDTHTRP (Twitter, 11:15 AM)
  • gunswordfist (Twitter, 11:17 AM)
  • Dami.exe (Instagram (Like), 11:32am)
  • meowth900 (Discord, 11:54 AM)
  • AO968 (DeviantArt, 11:57am)
  • Shardae J. (Instagram (Like), 12pm)
  • Kieyana S. (Instagram (Comment + Like), 1:07pm)
  • Foggle (Discord, 1:34 PM)
  • edwardvonstein (Tumblr, 1:55pm)
  • Retro7 (Discord, 12:22 PM)
  • michaelplzno (Discord, 2:32 PM)
  • Danielle B. (SMS, 2:48pm)
  • savvyliterate (Instagram (Like), 3:10pm)
  • Drake and Asya B. (Phone call, 4:25pm)
  • rosestarzeo (DeviantArt, 4:37PM)
  • Anthony Muscari (Discord, 5:37 PM)
  • JCW555 (Discord, 7:40 PM)
  • Belmont (Discord, 7:42 PM)
  • 🌍’s 💀, ☁! (Discord, 8:02 PM)
  • Prozach (Discord, 8:19 PM)
  • Kingault (Discord, 8:32 PM)
  • FCD (Discord, 8:38 PM)
  • Doomknight 5000 (Discord, 9:15 PM)
  • Flare of Stars (ShootingStarBlitz) (Discord, 9:56 PM)
  • Florence A. (Facebook, 10:12PM)

After Wednesday

  • Delfin S. (Facebook, 12:07AM)
  • powerkidzforever (DeviantArt, 12:28AM)
  • Amber E. (Facebook, 3:01AM)

As for my birthday, it was rather quiet. Sure, I had gotten loads of birthday love (as you can see from the above), but it was nice and serene. It was a welcome sight, considering it was a bit of a introspective time for me. Granted, kids are back in class, adults are working (and just plain adulting), and current affairs are somewhat bleak so of course things would be a little light. Regarding the last thing, Twitter’s Trends were dominated by three topics: Spider-Man, the Amazon, and a certain president.

In other news, after a process that took roughly a day, I had gotten myself a present: a Steam account with which I bought myself my real birthday present – Katamari Damacy Reroll! …And in the process learned why everybody did their library expansions during sales….

Then again, the Cosmos refused to stop trolling me until I bought Reroll! Near-endless mention of balls and rainbows during a Pokemon stream I was rewatching with a friend, the ribbon that came with my birthday cake being green (the main color of The Prince; After getting a good look at it before giving it a good wash (since it was on a cake), I found it’s somewhat more of a sea green, but still!), and encountering more Bamco idols in a server chatbot game… It was like I was being nudged into that direction.

Future Plans

Speaking of being nudged into a direction, here’s a little present (a Royal Present even) for all of you that I unveiled in my Stories. Here’s hoping it takes me less time to complete the final product than my previous project. At least I’m making good on my word!

On the M3 front, I’ve been making preparations regarding the annual Ice Fairy Festival. For those who don’t know, it is a 49 hour-long celebration of Morning Musume’s 9th Generation members that (admittedly) also doubles as my way observing Cirno Day. (It’s 49 hours long because it’s meant to cover September 9 in just about every time zone.) The event is more-or-less “anchored” by a special post on M3 itself marking the occasion. This year’s post will… be quite unique compared to previous ones.

Either way, I hope you’ll look forward to what’s ahead and thank you for your support. I’ll end it by repeating what I said to a group of friends during the day:

I hope you lot had a good day, wherever you are. If not, you have friends to act as your nepenthes, your Hyper Portion (sic), your Phoenix Down if need be. (I mean, the world’s burning, figuratively and literally. We need all of the Full Restores we can get.)

No material object can compare to knowing that the ones I love and care about are safe and happy. Thank you all for being wonderful people for you make the world better just by being you.

That is why I said that my birthday is everyone’s birthday: Because we draw strength from each other and make today (and everyday) worth it.


Here’s to the 364 Unbirthdays we will share together… and actual birthdays that will be venerated down the line.

Until next time!

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